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About Tara - The Gut Diva

Why The Gut Diva? 
To put is simply, the definition of Diva is temperamental or difficult to please. Once upon a time my gut was a Diva. Many of you, I'm sure, can relate. In fact if you're here, reading this, you most certainly can relate to having a Gut Diva of your own. 
My journey with nutrition and wellness, more particularly that of the gut,  started with a health crisis of my own, and yet I know we all come to the healing professions with a story of our own. 
  A few years back I hit the proverbial "wall" my health condition was a mystery and my doctors could not figure out how to help me.  Looking back I always had gut issues which then lead to chronic depressive anxiety and many times my symptoms were dismissed by my  doctors, at one point I was told it was all in my head, my painful symptoms overlooked and medicated for years. Eventually I was labeled as a drug seeker. My gut health was so out of balance it effected every aspect of my life. My physical & mental health was suffering, which in turn impacted my relationships.
Every time I'd go to the doctor they'd run their tests and every test came back normal. I found myself leaving the doctors appointments disappointed, disappointed that they didn't give me some bad news of a serious illness.  I was so desperate to get answers and time and again  they didn't find anything abnormal.  More often then not I'd only walk away with a new prescription to fill. I felt awful all the time, it became my new normal.  
I started to wonder if this was what the rest of my life would be like. I was always tired, my quality of sleep was horrible, my weight fluctuated up an down, my hormones where totally off (I'd cry, or get mad about everything), and my digestion was a nightmare. I could go on, but I'll spare you the more intimate details of it all. Bottom line, my quality of life was suffering dramatically and I had exhausted all my healthcare avenues. I knew then, I had to do something about it because no one else was going to!
This is when I experienced what I called "situational-growth" I had a situation and I had to grow to solve it, and so I began my research. I started looking into alternative healthcare. I dug deep to discover the root cause of my health issues, not just the symptoms.  I began to listen to my body. I followed the bread crumb clues that my extensive health history offered.  I soon learned that my symptoms mentioned above, where branches, whos roots where firmly established in my gut health, or lack thereof.  This journey took me along a path of understanding the why. 
It is my belief that understanding the why is so much more powerful and effective than the, “because I said so” approach of healthcare that I was so accustom to in the past. You's what I refer to as putting a lid on a boiling pot. Eventually the pot and its contents will boil over leaving an awful mess.  
If your anything like me, you want to know answers to 'the why,' why is your body having these symptoms. Until I knew 'the why,' making changes in my diet & lifestyle didn’t mean as much to me, and so it didn’t happen. Once I learned the physiological insult certain behaviors, food choices and habits were having on my overall health, then and only then did I start to see changes in my health.
No more confusion about diets and dietary theory, putting aside or overlooking how a single food may effect each one of us differently, bio-individuality is key, no more one size fits all approach. No more  will I ignore the depression and anxiety that are norms in society without questioning the functionality of the "second-brain" the area below our belly button in our GUT. The terrain of our digestion and elimination is at the root of ALL health issues and demands to be addressed. No more unknowns and no more suffering. 
And so this is were it all begins, delving deeper into uncovering the underlying causes of your health woes.  Shifting your perception of your lifestyle habits in relation to your health and health goals.  Working along side your current healthcare provider(s), while helping you to learn how to more effectively communicate your health concerns with your healthcare team of professionals.  My goal is to be your advocate and help you reach your health goals with more natural solutions.    

I am a Mother

I am a wife of an amazing husband and a mom of 4 beautiful kids and a grandma of 2 sweeties!

Licensed Health Care Professional

Before becoming an Advocate for natural Health and Wellness, I worked as a hospice nurse and patient liaison for a total of 5 years. As a Licensed Vocational Nurse I assisting my patients and their families through the last phase of life.

Certified Colonic Hydrotherapist

I am an I-ACT Board Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. To obtain this classification, I-ACT (The International Association of Colon Hydrotherapists) requires you to complete 200+ hours of coursework (including anatomy and physiology), hands-on clinical experience and obtain a passing grade on a written test.  

I am also a certified LIBBE Device Operator. LIBBE is a well known manufacturer of Class II colonic devices. During a colonic session, I only use Class II FDA registered Colon Hydrotherapy devices to ensure my clients have the best experience possible. 

Functional-Nutrition Health Coach

As a Graduate of Functional Nutrition Lab-Full Body Systems course, (founded and taught by internationally recognized Functional Medicine Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama). I help individuals to unlock the key to "their" dysfunction, and discover foundational healing protocols using food and or supplements. Creating a solid infrastructure, welcoming bio-individuality and shifting the deficiency to sufficiency.  

Certified Electro Lymphatic Therapist

The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system and a vital part of the immune system. It is responsible for collecting and moving toxins out of the body by activating the lymphatic system.  As a certified therapist I have completed coursework which includes anatomy of the lymphatic system, drainage of the lymph system and proper operation of the Inspiration device. This is a non-invasive pain free treatment to help stimulate the drainage of stagnant lymph fluid. Although it is not required to obtain results, many clients prefer coupling an ELT session with a colonic session, as they see a marked result from pairing these sessions together. The primary reason for this is that the lymph fluid drains directly into the gastrointestinal associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) for elimination.

Certified Essential Oils Practitioner

To better appreciate the value of essential oils, I teach individuals to recognize how essential oils are powerful promoters of physical, mental and emotional health. By providing one on one consultations and or group educational classes. We focus on 3 fundamental facts about the basic benefits of essential oils, 3 ways to use essential oils and what to look for when choosing an essential oil company.  


"Struggling with painful symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis, I discovered that colonics helped with the swelling and pain. During one appointment my therapist suggested that Electro Lymphatic Therapy using the INSPIRATION instrument could be helpful for me. I considered trying it during my next appointment. At the time, I was in such pain that I was using a wheelchair and I could not even roll myself over on the therapy table. I figured what did I have to lose? I would try anything that could help me. So at my next appointment, I was given Electro Lymphatic treatment all over my body, especially on my joint areas which were exceptionally swollen, red and hot to the touch. The treatment seemed like it was helpful, in fact I could feel a gentle pulsing in my arms even hours after the treatment. I decided to try this therapy again.
The next time I came in for the treatment, I could tell that I was in a less pain. When it came time to change positions on the therapy table, I rolled over without thinking about it. I then immediately realized that I had just rolled over without assistance! This was after just one treatment!
The therapist and I both had tears of joy in our eyes. This was remarkable!
I have continued Electro- Lymphatic Therapy on and off for about 3 years now and the extreme redness and swelling in my joints is gone. I am using a wheelchair less and less as I walk more and more! Pain has steadily reduced and I peacefully sleep through the night.
I would highly recommend Electro- Lymphatic Therapy to anyone, especially for those whose mobility has been challenged. Give Electro-Lymphatic Therapy a chance, all you have to lose is your pain!"

Candi Carlsbad

Clinical Client
"About 4 years ago I was dealing with candida. I was experiencing 23 out of the 28 symptoms I found on a website. I tried to fix it on my own with diet and exercise which didn't happen because I felt so bloated and heavy that I couldn't do anything. Then I met Tara Lea November of 2019 in a Facebook group. We had a meeting and discussed the pieces I was missing and why things weren't working. I feel so much better and was able to lose 25+ lbs.! I highly recommend Tara if you suspect a gut issue."

Maretta Shaw

"As a mother sometimes you get caught up in taking care of your family and not yourself, especially if you have a child who has major health concerns. So your kids come before you until your health catches up, and that is what happened to me. As a Hispanic woman who loves to cook, and eat lol, I ate food that wasn't necessarily healthy and this affected not only my gut health but other things I wasn't aware could be connected to it, like my liver. Then Tara came to my rescue. We had a BioEnergy Scan Consultation and she explained to me the areas in which my body was suffering and needed support. I followed her guidelines, she educated me, and I took care of myself first in order to help my family. Now not only are my family and I much more healthier but I learned the key tools I needed to maintain it that way, and I can still eat tacos and mole! I would like to say thank you to my friend Tara Lea and I would recommend anyone to get your BioEnergy Scan Consultation and give your body the much needed TLC."

Jemimah Zuñiga


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