Ionic Foot Detox

       The Ionic Foot Bath works by using a natural sea salt solution that helps assist the body in eliminating harmful toxins. This process happens by the use of an electrical current that passes through a set of plates in a module that is immersed in water within a foot tub.  During the session, clients are sitting in a comfortable chair with their feet submerged in the water where positive and negative ions are emitted by the foot bath system. This system re-energizes the body and red blood cells all while eliminating toxins that can be stored in the kidneys, liver, bowels, skin, and fat. The foot bath can also stimulate the body's lymphatic system to turn on, to aid the body with any further detoxing for up to 24 to 48 hours after a session. 

         Ionic foot baths can offer a full-body cleanse along with eliminating any heavy metals, balancing out the body's pH levels, reducing inflammation, removing yeast, detoxing the liver and kidney, and may increase the immune system. Most people feel relaxed, balanced, and focused during and after a session. There is usually no pain, however, people who suffer from excessive toxicity may experience slight discomfort as their body is releasing toxins. Clients are encouraged to drink plenty of water post-session to assist the body with any further detoxing from the lymphatic system.

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