What Supplements I Use And Recommend

Eating a whole food diet full of all the nutrients we need on a daily basis can be challenging for most.  Hectic schedules seem to be the norm nowadays, with little time to cook whole nutritious meals.  That's why proper supplementation can be so beneficial to a healthy You.  

Much of the nutrients in the soil is depleted, leaving our crops less than optimal.  Then there's the pesticides and herbicides that our fruits and vegetables are laden with, even if you eat organic (which is always best) this sometime is not an option for some.  But even organic produce has its fair share of exposures to chemical byproduct, to say the least. 

Some of my favorite supplements I use and recommend are part of the doTerra line of supplements called the Lifelong Vitality(LLV) Pack.  This trio is packed full of bioavailable vitamins and minerals that our bodies can readily recognize and absorb, formulated with micronutrients that supports energy and immune function. Antioxidants are vital for protecting our DNA from damage, the Alpha CRS formula contains powerful polyphenols that protect cells from free radical damage. Omegas are important for heart and brain health and for proper hormone synthesis.  Below is a FREE pdf explaining in greater detail all the LLV benefits and ingredients.  If you'd like to learn how to purchase, fill out the comment form below.

I also really like using various supplements from my friends at Life Extension.  I regularly boost my immune system with a little extra Zinc and Vit D3, which I get from Life Extension.  The folks at Life Extension are offering all of my clients and visitors $10 off their next order (valid for new customers only).  If you'd like me to send you the coupon code, fill out the comments section below with your information, and I'll be happy to send you the coupon code.

COMING SOON!  Parasite cleanse. Watch the video below about Mimosa Pudica. To get my discount code, fill out the comment form below.

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