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In this blog I would like to go over what to expect when you schedule a consultation with me, Tara Lea aka; The Gut Diva.  Here you will learn what fundamentals I use in teaching my clients and how when you learn how to use these three principles, you can tackle your health challenges and achieve true wellness. My work is based on the following 3 Tiers of Nutrition: the non-negotiables, deficiency to sufficiency, and dismantling dysfunction.

Tier 1: The Non-Negotiables

Tier One is the foundation of any healing protocol. It's based on the principal of "root cause resolution" that states you must first remove obstacles to cure. Please note that in my work I do not cure or heal people but teach them to better manage their symptoms. We can call this step 'clearing the muddy waters', and it means that I will help you to eliminate the biggest inflammatory culprits in your diet and lifestyle before moving on to more complex measures.

There are some items that are Non-Negotiables for anyone who just isn't feeling well. This includes the elimination of refined sugar, gluten, and dairy, to start. There will also be many Non-Negotiables that are specific to each individual. These may take time to weed out, and this is where I can really help you identify them.

Personalized Non-Negotiables may include further dietary elimination protocols such as more inflammatory foods, high histamine foods, hard to digest proteins, to name a few, that are based on your individual needs and not on any one set protocol. Non-Negotiables may also include habits and routines such as a set bedtime, ample hydration, movement, and more.

Tier 2: Deficiency to Sufficiency

This tier is about creating a solid foundation that allows for healing to occur. The body cannot fully function, let alone heal, if it's constantly working at a deficit. As an example, certain key nutrients are required for the thyroid to create its hormones. If those nutrients are missing from the body (due to insufficiencies in the diet or digestive malabsorption) then the problem will manifest as hypothyroidism. When I work with my clients, it is key to recognize symptoms and dysfunction, these may have their roots in a physiological or nutritional deficiency. A giant step in helping you feel better is to remedy the deficiency. When working with you, I will help you uncover and address the deficiencies you have behind the dysfunction. 

We have now addressed the first and second tiers. Working in these two will make the biggest difference. They also prime the environment within for healing. Sometimes these are enough to relieve your suffering altogether and other times residual signs and symptoms can be further identified and addressed. Every person is different and that is why I encourage you to schedule a consultation with me so I can give you personalized guidance.

Tier 3: Dismantling Dysfunction

This is where we might better be able to both see and attend to those "root causes". Think of how a tree takes root, firmly establishing itself in the ground. There are a number of patterns and habits that can "take root" within the body's systems. For example, chronic inflammation can be a root stemming from a number of factors such as: an immune response due to gut hyperpermeability; past or present instances of a gut imbalance or gut infection; an accident that happened 10 years ago but left you with pain that never fully resolved. Or hormone imbalances can be rooted in: an emotionally taxing event; blood sugar challenges established from a lifetime of imbalanced eating and Yo-Yo dieting. 

These root causes can manifest as a diagnosis such as Hashimoto's or fibromyalgia or diabetes. Yet those roots only exist because the terrain or soil was ripe for those dysfunctions to "take root". Dysfunctional patterns in the body can be set in motion from any number of events, and usually from many factors.

The next step is to dismantle the pattern once the terrain is more clear. This is where during the consultation I give recommendations about what treatment best suits you through supplements and other holistic services. You may come to me with a Tier 3 disease diagnosis, but we still need to start from Tier 1 to "back it up" sorta say, and GET RESULTS! All conditions exist in an environment. When you shift the environment, the symptoms shift, the roots get dismantled and the diagnosis may even disappear. 

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